SRC Rower Rowing Across the Atlantic!

Dear Rowers, club members and all out there who appreciate great attempts and achievements:

This winter while we are rebuilding our training base and working on technique (and our waistlines), one of our club members is doing something decidedly different.

Fellow SRC Masters rower Yaacov Mutnikas has once again signed up for an epic journey across the Atlantic in a rowing shell. This is Yaakov’s 3rd transatlantic crossing attempt! It begins a few short days from now in the Canaries. The boat is designed to hold 8 oarsmen and has the potential to make their crossing in 30 days (current record is 32 days) so you can be sure that they will be gunning for 30!

To follow the journey in photos and blog posts, read about his teammates and just be generally amazed, follow the link below.

Good luck, Yaacov and your mates!