Results: Alumni Sprints, April 26th

Congratulations to our Masters rowers who competed this past weekend at the Alumni Sprints, held in Greenwich, CT. Rowers competed for either their club (Saugatuck) or their University, collecting points toward the ultimate prize: the Alumni team trophy. This year’s award goes once again to Ever Green BC (Dartmouth), who narrowly beat out Fat Cat RC (Princeton).

Saugatuck  competitors and race results:

Race Result Club/Alum Rower
Men’s 1x 2nd U. British Columbia Richard Ratcliffe
Men’s 2x 1st Kings Crown (Columbia) Jim Hagan
Men’s 4+ 3rd Ever Green (Dartmouth) Jamie Snedaker
1st Wide Load (Boston U.) Todd Coffin, Stephan Bub
Men’s 8+ 2nd Saugatuck Emily Clayton, Saman Majd, Stephan Bub, Todd Coffin, Ryan Callas, Dave Dickinson, Richard Ratcliffe, Luke Nelson, Rickey Visinski
Men’s 4+ 6th Saugatuck Emily Clayton, Ryan Callas, Todd Coffin, Luke Nelson, Dave Dickinson
Men’s 4x 1st Saugatuck Rickey Visinski, Saman Majd, Stephan Bub, Richard Ratcliffe
Men’s 8+ 2nd Ever Green (Dartmouth) Frank Ryan
Mixed 8+ 2nd Ever Green (Dartmouth) Jamie Snedaker
Men’s 4x 3rd Kings Crown (Columbia) Jim Hagan
Men’s 4+ 1st Ever Green (Dartmouth) Frank Ryan


Alumni Sprints 2014