Masters Nationals and Springfield Rockrimmon Results

Once again Saugatuck showed some great talent, spirit and teamwork at the 2014 Masters Nationals, held in Grand Rapids, MI. 49 medals were won!

SRC posted a strong 4th place in the overall points trophy, narrowly missing 3rd by 6 points. The Women’s team posted a 2nd place overall finish with 261 points, and the Men’s team finished in 4th with 222 points.

For a complete listing of medals follow the link here:  2014Nationals Results


Congratulations as well to rowers participating in the Springfield Rockrimmon regatta, held September 6th —
All finishers are listed below.
1st       Pasternak/Schley      Men’s 2x
2nd     Liffman                         Women’s 1x 45-54
3rd      Mikkola                        Women’s 1x 45-54
2nd     Purcell                          Women’s 1x 55-64
4th      Turner                          Women’s 1x 55-64
4th      Majd                              Men’s 1x 55-64
6th      Shaw                              Men’s 1x 55-64
1st       Schmidt/DeBiasi      Women’s 2x
3rd     Salzarulo/Foudy       Women’s 2x
1st      Dodge/Shepard/McGeehan/Rose     Women’s 4x
2nd    Purcell/Shaw              Mixed Masters 2x