Green Mountain and Riverfront Results


Results from the Green Mountain Head Regatta in Putney, VT, widely considered to be the most challenging field of head-race competition for 1x and 2x rowers other than the Head of the Charles. Nice job, everyone!
1x Men’s 55-64: Wallace Shaw, 9th
1x Women’s 35-44: Kari Williams, 9th
1x Women’s 45-54: Kirsten deBiasi, 4th
1x Women’s 55-64: Caryn Purcell, 7th; Kit Huber, 11th; Liz Turner, 17th
1x Women’s 75+: Eve Green, 2nd
2x Men’s 100+ Saman Majd/Stephan Bub, 4th; Bart Pasternak/Dan Schley, 7th
2x Mixed 100+ Caryn Purcell/Wallace Shaw 9th


Head of the Riverfront – Masters Results
 4th – Men’s Open 1x Rickey V
4th – Men’s Master 4+ (Alin, Todd, Steve B., Bill H., Pancho)
1st – Women’s Master 4+ – ( Alison R., Dorina, Val, Karen, Caryn)
2nd- Women’s Master 4+ – ( Prenny C., Marta, Dodge, Stephanie, Sylvia)
3rd. Men’s SeniorMaster 1x – Richard R. 
2nd  Men’s Grand Master 1x – Stephan
6th   Men’s Grand Master 1x – Richard G. 
4th  Men’s Veteran 1x – Dan
4th  Women’s Grand Master 1x – Kari
7th  Women’s Grand Master 1x  – Vanessa
2nd Women’s Veteran 1x – Liz T. 
3rd  Men’s Master 8+  Prenny, Bill H, Steve, Todd, John, Jamie, Pancho, Larry Kurzner, Richard G.
3rd  Women’s Master 8+ – Emily, Debbie, Liz B., Karen, Susan, Patrice, Barbara, Celeste, Annamari
4th Women’s Masters 4x  – Lisa, Carrie, Joey, Yvette
5th  Women’s Masters 4x  Joanna, Bobbi, Janis, Linda
6th Men’s Master 4x – Bill G., John, Vince, Kurt
1st  Women’s Master 2x – Kirsten, Susan
4th Women’s Master 2x – Silvia, Mary 
1st Men’s Master 2x – Saman, Stephan
2nd Men’s Masters 2x – Dan, Bart
3rd Men’s Master 2x – Richard R., Dave