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We love our customers and they love us right back.

[testimonial author=”Tony C”]

I hosted a 50th birthday lunch for my daughter and her friends – way back on November 20.  A lot was going on in my life at that time and in the following weeks and I never got to tell you how wonderful the event was.  You handled everything so professionally and wisely – from the placement of the tables to the slicing of the too-small cake (which all the women ended up eating – which they wouldn’t have if we had bigger pieces!!!!) –  I realized that I was in the hands of a pro.

Many thanks again – as my daughter said “everything was pitch-perfect”.
[/testimonial] [testimonial author=”Antoinette”]

The evening was absolutely magical.  I cannot thank you and your staff enough.  Everyone was complimenting the food, the service, the wine (WOW that Super Tuscan WOW!) and the room looked gorgeous! I was thrilled with everything!  You and your attentive staff sincerely ROCKED my world last night. I will be recommending your restaurant to everyone who will listen and we will surely be back again soon, although, my days of throwing parties for my parents or any family member may be over.  It’s just too stressful. (HOW do you do it?!) Mille Grazie as we say in my famiglia!

[/testimonial] [testimonial author=”Renee & Chris”] We just back from our honeymoon which was amazing!!!  I wanted to send a big thank you for everything, the wedding was awesome!!!  You and your team did an awesome job 🙂
[/testimonial] [testimonial author=”Latha”] You exceeded our expectations ( often ridiculously high;-) )- the food was awesome, the service and staff were amazing… Really, we were so happy. I am continuing to receive good compliments on the venue, how the food was made, staff helpfulness and friendliness, etc. Of course I share that I am not responsible for any of those things, but you guys are , so I wanted to pass that on to you![/testimonial]