Fleet and Usage

[two_third] [dropcap style=”default, circle, box, book”]W[/dropcap]e ask that members adhere to the following guidelines which will insure the most efficient use of SRC boats for the benefit of all members. We strive to have all boats rower ready.

Coaches have final authority over boat usage.

Some boats are reserved for use by the competitive program. Such reservation is noted on the reservation log and/or on the rack.

Reservations for boat usage must be made in person for the 90-minute time slots designated in the reservation log. Boats cannot be reserved for a time that straddles the designated time slots nor can they be reserved for more than one session in a row by the same individual.

Reservations can be made one week in advance.

All coached lessons have priority over boat selection unless the coach has failed to reserve the boat in advance.

Boat reservations are limited to 3 times a week. If you have used your limit and find that the boat you would like to use is available, you may use that boat once you have verified that it is not already reserved.

Any boat not reserved may be used by members without a prior reservation on a first come, first served basis.

All sculling boats are fixed and adjusted by coaches. Please do not adjust or change a boat’s settings unless directed by a coach. Rowers may however change the foot stretcher depth.

All SRC oars are to be stored in the Club racks, not in the private racks so that they are always available to all members. Do not change the overall length or inboard length of club oars.

All SRC boats are correctly fitted with appropriate parts. If you find that a part is missing, please report the situation to the boat house manager so that it can be remedied. We ask that members not attempt to replace missing parts themselves by displacing parts from other boats.

Boats should be thoroughly washed and oarlocks should be closed before stowing the boat on the rack.

Report all equipment damage to the boat house manager as soon as it occurs.

Boats are very fragile and very expensive. Please adhere to the safety rules for using equipment. Parties responsible for damage to club equipment due to negligence will be held responsible for replacing that equipment.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Liz has been rowing at SRC since 1996 and during that time has represented the club at national and international regattas including the US Masters Nationals, Master’s World, Head of the Charles and the Crash B’s. Recently retired from a 30-year career in human services, Liz has joined our staff as Boathouse Manager. She is responsible for the coordination of equipment, repairs, and regular maintenance; the enforcement of club rules in areas of safety and appropriate use of equipment and the maintenance of spare parts and other supplies.

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