Why Rowing?

Those who have experienced rowing in a crew know there’s nothing quite like it. The grace of the sport’s form and movements…the peace of gliding on water as day breaks…the satisfaction of personal achievement and the camaraderie of working within a crew. Rowers will tell you that rowing is metaphysical, bringing relaxation to both mind and body with each stroke.

But there are also very practical health and fitness benefits for taking up this sport.

Almost anyone can row regardless of age or level of fitness. It’s a sport that can be enjoyed lifelong. Saugatuck has members rowing competitively in their sixties and seventies!

  • Rowing is a complete exercise using all major muscle groups: legs, arms, back, abdomen and buttocks.
  • Rowing provides aerobic conditioning as well as strength conditioning.
  • Rowing is a great calorie burner, faster than biking at the same perceived level of exertion.
  • Rowing promotes teamwork, problem-solving and provides a real sense of achievement and control.
  • Rowing offers a variety of options. You can row indoors or out, on water or on land, competitively or recreationally, intensely or easily, alone or with others, as an energizer to start the day or as a peaceful way to unwind.